Entry #17


2013-10-29 19:27:47 by Typera

Well since the Beta attempt for Dark Souls II failed miserably on Saturday night in North America, I had some time to work on a song while I was waiting for the Beta to start. And since it never did I got a lot of it done so expect another Glitch song like the last one to be coming out pretty soon. Just to clarify: I'm pissed about the Dark Souls II Beta, but I'm happy about the song progress! XD



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2013-11-05 11:09:19

Hmm, Dark Souls II? Did you get a Beta invite or something? Sounds like things are going good!

Typera responds:

I did but they had a problem on the North American servers and rescheduled it for this Sunday. Hopefully it goes well this time. XD