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2013-05-08 00:36:46 by Typera

I'm currently saving my money to get a capturecard and microphone to make a gaming channel on youtube with my best friend. What song should I use and can I count on you guys checking it out?

-Typera (aka Idiots with Controllers)


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2013-05-08 03:31:47

I'm not sure why you'd need a song (maybe for your outro or intro of darkness, redness, and whiteness?) but I found these (get rid of the spaces) very upbeat songs, if that's what you're looking for. PM me if you need me to animate your intro or something (it's what I do! It'd be helping me too, to improve my animation skills.) watch?v=D1pWAb8rDrc watch?v=LwugTMDqpOE

I'd love to see you play, and by the way, what shall you be of ze playingness? (What will you be playing, if you want an English translation)

BAI BAI! STRITTY OUT! (Sorry about my stupid outro, I don't know why I even do it, lol)

(Updated ) Typera responds:

We'll be playing mostly PS3 games and some Xbox games too. We've planned on playing DCUO, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Saints Row 3, Halo Reach, and possibly some Minecraft to start with. We plan on playing those first. We will be playing a mix of Co-op, Head-to-Head, and PvP games in different episodes and such. Don't expect us to be too informative and expert-like because we will be screwing around most of the time XD. There will be episodes though where we will do some walkthroughs on the games we are good at like Dark Souls for me and DCUO for my friend Nico. We hope you awesome people will be checking us out and thanks for your support already! Amos and Nico (Idiots With Controllers) out!