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2013-10-29 19:27:47 by Typera

Well since the Beta attempt for Dark Souls II failed miserably on Saturday night in North America, I had some time to work on a song while I was waiting for the Beta to start. And since it never did I got a lot of it done so expect another Glitch song like the last one to be coming out pretty soon. Just to clarify: I'm pissed about the Dark Souls II Beta, but I'm happy about the song progress! XD



2013-10-24 21:04:06 by Typera

I would see how DJ-ing is and if it would be something for me to do but I don't have NEARLY enough money to get cheap equipment. Oh well.


Go like this man!

2013-10-10 17:42:36 by Typera

DO me a favor and please become a fan of CyberDevil. He got me some pretty sweet profile pictures which I will be using immediately! Here's the link to his page : http://cyberdevil.newgrounds.com/ Thanks again!



2013-10-04 19:50:39 by Typera

Can anyone make me a cool new profile picture? I'll give you credit for it and everything. Message me if you're interested and thanks. :D



2013-09-30 20:03:50 by Typera

I managed to get the virus off of my computer without needing to spend 100$ on a fix! So I came back with 1 song and a demo for a song that I'll have out soon so check those out! I'll also be getting the new computer around Christmas so get ready for harder music then! It's good to be back!


I'm Sorry Guys...

2013-09-09 21:43:43 by Typera

I contracted a virus on my computer yesterday that rendered my only computer useless and destroyed. ( I'm using the family computer ATM ) So sadly I won't be able to make any more music for quite a while. Instead of getting another cheap laptop, I'm going to save my money for a much higher-end computer so I can come back with much better quality music for you guys. You won't hear from me for a while but once I get enough for a new PC, get ready for much better music!!! I'll see you guys then and don't forget about me!



2013-08-20 20:59:06 by Typera

Totally spaced out on NOS and potato chips, I am really trying to get this Hardstyle song as perfect as possible and as quickly as possible for you guys to hear ASAP.


2013-07-20 00:48:46 by Typera

I'm thinking about trying some Hardstyle among the House music. I figure I might as well try a few types of electronic music because I don't know what I'm good at until I try it. Any thoughts?


2013-07-12 16:13:08 by Typera

I'm currently searching around for a small label company that may be interested in my Progressive House. Wish me luck.



2013-07-02 23:46:13 by Typera

How would you guys feel if I made a Remix / Remake of deadmau5's hit song, "Strobe" ? Its my favorite song and I was curious on how I could make it sound. Should I try it?