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2013-10-24 21:04:06 by Typera

I would see how DJ-ing is and if it would be something for me to do but I don't have NEARLY enough money to get cheap equipment. Oh well.



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2013-10-24 21:26:08

DJing is a real time consuming thing. Busy Busy Busy, if you're looking into it I suggest making a few mixes on soundcloud asking the public to rate them and then see there reaction before you go straight into a club performance. Start small ask local bars, parties, even your highschool or college. Remember Buying down the road is cheaper than Renting. So start saving up now for equitment. Start out with a couple Stand up Speakers and your Laptop. I started with My Touchpad, Laptop, Footpedal and my Two 12's in the Trunk of my Car! Dream Big Start Small

Typera responds:

I would love to at least start at all but I'd first need to find a source of income. Thanks for the advice though, I really appreciate it!



2013-10-24 22:50:03

Don't really like double posting but since no body else is here... I was at your level. Needed income. I joined the military lol

Typera responds:

Its cool about the double posting, not too many people post anyways. That may be a problem for me since I'm just 16. XD